Formal maternity dress

Clothes are some of the things that make a statement of who you are even when you are expectant. For most women it is imperative that they look and feel their best always. Getting clothes that look good and fit properly when you pregnancyare expecting a baby can be daunting. It becomes even harder when searching for a formal dress for an upcoming special occasion. Pregnant women often find it difficult and uncomfortable to show their figures, the good news is that you can look and feel beautiful with the right formal maternity dress.

Formal maternity dress styles

Formal pregnancy dresses are not very different from the other dresses that you would wear if you were not expectant. It is possible to find sexy, flowing dresses that will look great on you on a formal event. There are also little black cocktail dresses, low cut necklines and long sexy sheath dresses. Some maternity dress styles show off your bump more than others. For ladies who do not want people to pay much attention on their pregnancy, a dress with a full gathered skirt , a high empire waist or one that has some details on the neckline will draw the attention away from your bump. These make you baby bump appear smaller and make you look fabulous as well.If you are comfortable showing of your baby bulge go for a sheath style dress.

If you are loving your pregnancy cleavage go for a dress with a necklace that shows off your assets and skirt that gathers moderately over your pregnant belly. Sheer sleeves are also good for covering weight gain on the arms without being very warm in the warm months. A-line skirts are also a good choice for ladies who might not be very comfortable with their thighs. Another figure friendly pregnancy dress style is wrap dresses. These can be tied as tightly or as loosely as you want.

Buying formal maternity dresses

When it comes to buying the right maternity dress that can be worn for a formal event, get a dress that caters for both your pregnancy and postpartum needs. The dress size you pick will matter a lot. It is important for you to bear in mind that your belly is growing and you may also go up a few bra sizes. For that reason, shop carefully so that you do not end up buying a dress that is too small. If it is your first time being pregnant you can ask for advice from your obstetrician, your mum and also your friends with kids.

The obstetrician will help you to count how far along you will be and give you an idea of how much your bump will show. You can also buy the dress close to the day of the occasion to remove uncertainties. If your pregnancy is in the first trimester or the early stages of the second one, you can buy formal dress from a department store that is one or two sizes above your normal size. Such a dress will be comfortable enough to be worn even after the baby has been born.

Another thing that matters is the fabric used to make the dress. The best dress is one made with a fabric that is soft, durable and breathable. Go for natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo and modal. Avoid clothes which are labelled wrinkle-free or permanent press. Such clothes are made with fabrics that are treated with chemicals such as formaldehyde which is harmful to you and your unborn child. Also avoid synthetic fabrics that will make you feel too hot, itchy or shine in the wrong places. Spandex and Lycra are a good fabric choice because they stretch well to provide you with the required comfort.

Online shopping for formal maternity wear

These dresses are available from most maternity specialty stores although their selection may be a bit limited. For that reason, you should consider looking for your dress on the internet where the selection is wide and the prices are competitive.Online shops are also of great help if you do not feel like going out for shopping. They key is to ensure that your measurements are accurate so that you can get the perfect fit the first time.

Buying formal maternity wear from the internet requires a lot of patience. You will be required to spend a great amount of time browsing through different sites. Once you are done browsing, the next thing is to short list the sites from which you intend to buy your dress and pick the best. The site that you settle for must have a liberal return policy and its transactions must be fully verified and secured. If you are uncertain on the best formal pregnancy dress to buy, there are many online forums and blogs where women who are, or who have been pregnant share tips on what to wear and what not to wear while pregnant.

Wearing one dress for different occasions

If you have more than one event to attend while you are pregnant pick a style that can be given a different look. Buy a simple black dress that hits mid-calf that can be paired with a jacket and dress it up with a cute scarf, a rhinestone buckle, eye catching jewelry, matching shoes or a silk wrap, and small clutch purse for a night out. Accessorizing your dress not only highlights your best features but also creates a new look every time you change the accessories. One dress can also be worn for several seasons. If it is during the winter pair up the dress with some knee high boots and a cute jacket. In the summer, you can switch the boots for a pair of ballet flats.

Helpful tips

If you are a plus size woman, avoid dresses that have bold prints because they will make you look even bigger. Go for black dresses or dresses with color blocks as they have a slimming effect. In warm summer months, pick a dress made with a breezy and light fabric. Such clothes drape around you comfortably and you will look great. Another thing that you must not forget is that a nice, well fitting dress is not all it takes to look your best in it. Take some time to do the final touches on your hair and make up. You can even go to a beauty salon for a professional makeover to look and feel great.

In conclusion, your comfort and that of the baby must always be given top priority over style. Moreover, if you are comfortable you will be confident enough to carry off any dress.